ATOPIA Innovation


ATOPIA Innovation is a global design and innovation consultancy that addresses big problems and high visibility, high impact challenges, with a unique fusion of creativity, interdisciplinary thinking and practical design. We help clients with major projects avoid the trap of the mundane and incremental, transforming their project, combining planning and the power of design, intelligent economics, environmental responsibility and the promise of new technology.

Here are a few cool things we have done: LONDON 2012, a thematic architecture for the most successful Olympics in history; PARKVIEW GREEN, a vision plan for the Greenest Building in China; SUNNYLANDS, a vision plan for a Pacific Rim powerhouse; NYU_POLY, transformative spaces for the future of learning; and through our non-profit ATOPIA Research: POWERBANKS, an award winning deployable wind turbine, PITCHAfrica, an innovative rainwater harvesting stadium, and WATERBANKS, an award winning initiative addressing school building design in semi-arid regions named as one of the top 100 sustainable innovations in the world by Sustainia.